Amelia bedelia good work that is her photo

Amelia bedelia good work

that is her photo. i notice that she just likes attention. she likes to go against the grain just to get shyt started. thats my theory, and thats what i was telling tracylee. this negative mind set that she and that other dude has is just downright disturbing, and very tacky. Especially on the day after the election. go to foxnews website with that crap!!! BUT HE WONT ABLE TO DELIVERY ALL THINGS HE PROMISED! see what happens when you agree to disagree and let bygones be bygones, phony chicks who have to hide behind pictures of dogs and celebrities try to attack you. I dont agree with your politics, SO WHAT!!! Get over it! This is a free website with an open forum and the last time I checked, I still had freedom of speech. That i the problem with many of you African Americans you spend too much time shucking and jiving and cooing and acting as if everything is okie dokie. Where were you happy azz African Americans in 2000 and again in 2004? Why didnt so many of you show up to vote then? I cast my ballot for my candidate of choice during those elections. I spoke out against the stolen elections. I wrote letters. I express my opinion to White People all the time. I changed careers from accounting and began to study law, government and politics, all in the name of making a difference. I earned my right to speak my mind long before most of you jumped on the bandwagon. Now that you have been thrown a bone and have been amelia bedelia good work hope in the form of a Black President amelia bedelia good work all of a sudden want to act like you are interested in politics? To that I say, N!GGER PLEASE! LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE Ive been lookin for that trick boom boom since yesterday and shes no where to be found, she talked so much trash, her azz needs to be in hiding Hey awardwinner, i think she has been on here. she may have changed her name. read the comments from might be her silly azz. http://www. youtube. com/watch?vsDGOMY4gNVQ LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or Indian, if you have a drop of black blood running thru ya veins you are BLACK Our president is BLACK I see amelia bedelia good work of technical comments about his if these were slavery days obama wouldnt be chillin on the porch, Hed be in the fields with the rest of Second I am sssooo disgusted with people doubting Obamas ability to be president when, he hasnt even gotten into office officially yet however the gas prices are goin way Coincidence?? I think Bush wasnt running this country right at all and instead of talkin about this country progressing, people are basing Obamas ability off of whats already taking place, So if ya scared of recession, depressions, wars, goin bankrupt because of the next MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, stop complainin!! If you cant help the country progress then move, shut up do sumpthin other than It is what it Obama is here and hes about to do his thing!!! Bush did his, let Obama do his!!! Because ultimately God is the one that is in control, Obama does represent this country, whether you like it or not, if you live here then he is representing you So glad he for the last time to YES WE CAN!!!!! Now that you have been thrown a bone and have been offered hope in the form of a Black President you all of a sudden want to act like you are interested in politics? To that I say, N!GGER PLEASE! APPLAUSE APPLAUSE. COPY AND PASTE IT TO CNN AND FOX NEWS, HONEY OKAY? WE DONT CARE. getting a little tart are we? BOTTOM LINE YOU ARE IGNORANT TO STEREOTYPE YOUR PEOPLE. BECAUSE yes, I voted in 2000 and 2004, and have been voting since i was 18 YEARS OLD. i have written letters to both bush and al gore, and i wrote to Obama earliar this year. SO NOW WHAT? stop making again stop stereotyping!!! everyone is NOT jumping on a bandwagon. even the ones that are, STILL MAKE ME proud. WHY? BECAUSE it s still something positive. its a positive bandwagon to jump on.

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