Brothers in arms I dont think

Brothers in arms

I dont think that any extra cost should be added just to watch the bluray movies, it is unfair. If they are going to start nitpicking and charging for every little thing, I will cancel my membership I totally disagree with the CHANGE in EXISTING terms. Especially since Blu-ray movies have been dropping in price. I have reduced my plan from 2 unlimited to 1 unlimited to maintain the amount we budgeted and still have Blu-ray. This for Netflix is a loss of 5 per month in revenue indefinitely for just 1 subscription. Poor decision to raise revenue. My God amazing! You have to charge an extra dollar for Blu-ray when you milk out of the members a hell of a lot more than that every month, and to top it off, on such an awful market??? What retard proposed this plan at this particular time for the company? Just when Ive been thinking that maybe Ill bail out entirely from this BS just makes it easier. My wife uses the in-demand video on our DTV more than we watch Netflix vids anyhow, so canceling will be a pleasure. Netflix was a good concept but its brothers in arms to go. Bye Netflix. oh yea, wouldnt it be nice if you supported mac. i keep waiting for things to get better with you guys. charging me more money does not make it bedder. I dont own a Blu-Ray player. I will say this: for the option to rent Blu-Ray, 1 is not fair. If I rent 1 Blu-Ray a month and a lot of older movies on regular DVD, is that worth the increase? If Blu-Rays were as available as regular DVDs, 1 is fine. 1 for less avialability I cant agree with. As many others have mentioned. For that extra dollar those waits had better reduce to nothing. Its a shame you couldnt wait a little long on this new feature. Because, honestly, bragging that there are 800 Blu-Ray titles available isnt really that compelling an argument. Time to switch to Blockbuster. No additional fee for Blu-ray. Maybe theyll actually ship out movies more quickly, also. Its at least worth a free trial. Why do people assume brothers in arms the price of blu-ray discs is fixed? The reason they cost 30% more is that the MPAA decided they would. They dont cost that much more to produce, and what real differences there are, are falling fast. If Netflix wont stand up for its customers and fight to get the cost of these discs reduced then why should we support them? Grow a pair Netflix and pass the pain back to the real thugs, the MPAA, not your customers. I agree. Not all movies are available in the Blu-Ray format so 1 surcharge is inappropriate. Thats 2 The long wait for some Blu-Ray titles would also be intolerable with an extra charge. Im a Mac user so the NetFlix on-demand feature is useless for me. I have suggested Netflix support loyal Mac users but that suggestion fell on deaf ears.

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