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Carry on at Your Convenience

EVEN THOUGH I AM HISPANIC, MY GRANDPARENTS AND GREAT GRANDPARENTS WERE PART OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN WAS NOT WHITE. THEY ENDURED SO MUCH PAIN AND FOR THIS DAY TO COME BRINGS ABSOLUTE TEARS TO MY EYES. 2cexee4u I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. NOW IT IS TIME TO ACTUALLY PROVE EVERYONE WRONG-SPEAKING OF MCCAIN THOUGHT THAT HE WOULDNT SUCCEED BUT LIKE OBAMA SAID ITS TIME TO EARN THOSE WE AS A PEOPLE NEED TO HELP CHANGE THIS STARTS WITH US DOING OUR PART AND PUSHING FOR THE ISSUES THAT EFFECT US THE MOST TO GET IT PASSED THROUGH THE LEGISLATIVE I SAID MANY TIMES BEFORE, WE HAD TO GO THROUGH PAIN AND SUFFERING TO LEARN A LESSON NOT TO TAKE WHAT WE HAVE FOR GRANTED AND GOD WAS GOING TO PICK THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE IF IT HAD BEEN MCCAIN OR OBAMA, IT WAS UP TO THE MAN UPSTAIRS AND I THAT MAN WAS BLESS HIM, GOD BLESS ALL OF US AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!! I am so excited and ecstatic that Obama has won this election. Hopefully this nation can become one and well be able to judge everyone by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. This sounds so familiar, where have I hard this from? Thank You Jr. I wish you were here to see this am i the only one that cannot focus today? boomboom, showtime, bynx! Come See Me! THATS RIGHT WHO WOULD EVER THOUGHT WE WOULD LIVE TO SEE THE DAY A BLACK MAN RUNS FOR PRESIDENT!! I AM SO HAPPY I LIVED TO SEE THIS DAY!!! THATS RIGHT WHO WOULD EVER THOUGHT WE WOULD LIVE TO SEE THE DAY A BLACK MAN RUNS FOR PRESIDENT!! I AM SO HAPPY I LIVED TO SEE THIS DAY!!! MY PEOPLE LETS STRIVE TO GET OURSELVES TOGETHER. LETS GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! NOTHING CAN STOP IF WE CAN BE PRESIDENT, ALL OUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!!! OUR ANCESTORS ARE REJOICING IN THERE MY SON IS BORN ON MLKS BIRTHDAY, AND I KNOW THAT MLK IS SMILING AND PROUD LOOKING DOWN ON HIS DREAM NOW A REALITY!!! Reaping the Harvest God Promised! YES WE DID! IM SO HAPPY!!!SUCH HISTORICAL MOMENT AND IM GLAD I WAS HERE TO WATCH IT!!! My president is black, my Lambos blue My momma aint at home, and daddys still in jail Tryna make a plate, anybody seen the scale? My president is black, my Lambos blue And they love to see white, now how much you tryna pay? PPL WE MUST STAY UNITED AND LETS MAKE AND HELP PRESIDENT OBAMA BE THE BEST PRESIDENT THEY HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE PLANET EARTH. MY MTO FRIENDS, WE ARE APART OF HISTORY. DONT U REALIZE WE JUST MADE THE HISTORY BOOKS YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN CHILDREN WILL BE READING ABOUT AND TAKING TEST AND QUIZZES ON? THATS ONE TEST WE CAN MAKE SURE THEY PASS CAUSE WE KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS. WHEN GOD IS FOR YOU WHO COULD BE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA. THANK YOU GOD! For the Brothers Sisters born in the late sixties this is our sixties is still wish my Father, My Grandmother, and were here in the physical rather than in the spritual so that I could have relished in their moment with this jubliant for so long has constantly and consistently been withholding our want for our reparations and to provide us with our 40 acres and a mule so we said cool, instead on this night well just take 50 states and a White House as a consolation prize. Real Lives-And so does s dream today. I would like to first of all thank Barack Obama and his entire family for allowing us all to dream once again. Anything can happen in this world and we are all witness to history in the making. THANK YOU BARACK. I would also like to thank all of the people in American and around the world who Carry on at Your Convenience in this man throughout! He is a VERY strong man and eventhough the road ahead is going to be tougher than a think he can ever imagine, the foundation is now set and this country scratch WORLD will never be the same again! Obama deserved this honor, and we did to. Its about to be on. YOU FOR KEEPING IT 100 TODAY! AT LEAST ON THE MAIN TOPIC HAPPYYYYY FREAKING WEDNESDAY!!!!! I CANT STOP CRYING AT MY DESK, I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS AT THIS MOMENT!!! I CANT WORK, I FORGOT HOW TO DO MY JOB BECAUSE I AM SO ANSWERS IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD. !! I couldnt have said it better myself!!!! Obama aint black though is he? his mom is he aint the 1st black but not close its good to see some darker skin tones running tings in the white house Of, relating to, or consisting of stars. Of or relating to a star performer. Outstanding; principal. That is the best word that I can sum up all my emotions into. What we, my friends, witnessed last night was an out of body, unwordly experience. Like Michelle, up until recently, Ive never been proud to be an American, this all changes that. We are America, weve always been America, now its time for people to see that. Theres gonna be a black man in power, ahhhhh EXPLETIVE ! It would have been PRICELESS to see the looks on their ugly faces when his victory was announced to the world. I had a friend whom lives in Greece call me on the phone at 3 this morning. The entire world see our victory! I NEVER doubted you Obama. Wow what a sight to see an African American family on that stage standing in front of the white family, not that I want to make it a race issue however its a sight I will never forget. I feel for all those African American people who have passed on before this historical day and I will try and keep them in my heart and celebrate for them. Let us praise the Lord for making last nights victory possible. To all my African American people stay strong and enjoy this pure ecstasy!! Im not really an Obama fan at all. Not from a Black perspective, but from a political policy viewpoint. However, Ive got his back because Im already Carry on at Your Convenience the tension, aggravation and biggotry of some white folks!!! Its making some white people sick and I hope they get sicker!!!!! Back up you rednecks!!! The battle is halfway this the STILL YES WE TRAIN HASNT STOPPED TO SAY YES WE DID PRAY FOR OUR FIRST IS THE BEGINNING to a long road after the cries, happiness, and glitter lets keep going. ON channel 5 last nite did u see the McCain party after OBAMA won?lmfao See what happens when Black People unite for a cause? 96% of us voted Obama and helped change some of the Red States, Blue! I REALLY HOPE MY BROTHERS AND MY SISTERS WAKE UP AND SEE ITS MORE TO LIFE AND STOP THE KILLING!!!! STOP THE BEATING OF OUR WOMEN AND KIDS TO NEAR DEATH. BLACK MEN TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN AND BLACK WOMEN STOP GETTING INVOLVE WITH MEN THAT DONT REALLY WANT TO SETTLE OR BE A MAN. SO IM ASKING EVERYONE THAT DOING AND NOT DOING LET ALL OF US DO BETTER IN SOME KIND OF WAY. I AM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY AND PROUD TO BE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN!!!!! MY PRESIDENT, YOUR PRESIDENT, OUR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!! LETS CONTINUE TO WORK AND HELP OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR COUNTY!!! PRAY FOR THE 1ST PRAY FOR PEACE!!! GOD BLESS US ALL Im still in shock, I woke up dis mornin still drunk off his speech YES WE DID!!! Not to get on anybodys case or hilite, why do you say hes white? ASK ME ABOUT MY MUSIC PAGE!!! Congratulations President-Elect Obama. Yes, we can. And we did it. History in the making. Today is one of the proudest days of my life and I have never been more proud of my people and our president elect, Senator Barack Obama.

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