Charlie murphy i will not apologize part 2

Charlie murphy i will not apologize part 2

At that point, I dont think there will anything good left to say about Shrek and his magical misadventures. I have always enjoyed watching the Shrek charlie murphy i will not apologize part 2 with my family. The fourth movie was no exception. The problem is that the Shrek universe it getting rather stale. The same type of jokes just dont work as well the fourth time around. The Final Chapter finds Shrek unhappy with his friends and family and wishing to go back to being a scary ogre for just one day which can be supplied by an evil Rupelstiltskin. But if you are aware of the myth of Rupelstiltskin you know that every contract has a price. Shrek gives up one day of his life to get his one day of freedom. That one day though causes the entire world to change and Shrek is stuck in an alternate universe in which he never existed. The alternate characters are fun at first, especially the chubby Puss in Boots, but they all revert quickly to the characters you know so it doesnt work all that well. The best part of the movie is the introduction of the Rupelstiltskin character who is a fun bad guy. The movies plot however is very similar to the Christmas Special in which Shrek doesnt appreciate what he has until it is gone. I like the series, but the story is best to end now. 0 out of 5 stars Falls flat and feels halfhearted The original Shrek animated film really seemed to offer a lot of promise for a potential franchise. It was a kids movie that was funny for both kids and adults, was way Read more Published 14 days ago by C. Sawin Most movie series only go for three films. Shrek pushed for a fourth, and I think it paid off. The plot is original and fresh, the humor still funny, and the animation Read more I love Shrek and I was disappointed by the quality of the DVD. Half way through the movie, it would start skipping making the DVD almost unwatchable. I was very disappointed. While the characters were the same, the magic of the first three just wasnt there this time! Glad the series is over it was good while it lasted. Nothing can surpass the success and originality of the first couple of Shrek movies. However, this movie still delivers with updated themes and jokes. Read more This is supposedly charlie murphy i will not apologize part 2 last installment of the Shrek franchise. Fortunately, I enjoyed it a great deal more than SHREK Read more I thought charlie murphy i will not apologize part 2 was good ending to this movie series. I hope its the ending. Not my favorite of the shrek movies but still a good one. Read more I really enjoyed this movie. Although part of the plot may seem borrowed Frank Capra, and many since, its a theme so many of us would do well to explore-what our lives Read more Published 1 month ago by P.

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