Cool as Ice UPDATE 8: Well

Cool as Ice

UPDATE 8: Well, after a year, there is finally a solution and it s not the recent firmware update; great thanks to commenter Dean Ferreyra the review thread. Turning off the CineMotion feature on the Sony TV for the HDMI input where the BDP-N460 is connected appears, for the moment, to have solved the problem. Even sweeping camera shots appear smooth and fluid. Thanks so much to Dean and everyone else who has tried to help resolve this over the past year. If the problem stays solved, I may come back and change my star review. UPDATE 9: I m pleased to report that the Netflix HD motion problem has not re-occurred since I turned off CineMotion. I m very happy with this, and it s remarkable how much the intrinsic value of this machine has gone up as a result. But I m keeping the 2-star rating for three reasons: 1 the fact that I had this unit for a year with one of its major features effectively disabled, greatly reducing its ultimate value; 2 Sony s utter failure to recognize this simple solution when I called their CSD about it last year, let alone correct it in a firmware update; 3 the fact that CineMotion is a Sony feature, so the problem itself and the failure to address it in advance, let alone solve it, were entirely Sony s fault. This BD player loads BD s fast and displays BD s better than any other BD player I have personally viewed. It also performs an excellent job of upscaling standard DVD s. Some of my higher quality DVD s appear to be displayed at near BD resolution. This machine is wonderful! Very easy to set up, hooking up to the internet and downloading new firmware was very easy, even for an old guy like me who doesn t understand too much of all this stuff. Netflix setup was easy, although you have to go back and forth a bit with passwords. Netflix streaming was easy and good quality. Startup speed is better than I expected. Blue Ray movies are outstanding! Get the HDMI cables, much better than component Cool as Ice cables. I connected this player to my Sony KDL-40VE5 TV via HDMI cables run through my Pioneer VSX 1019AH receiver. It worked beautifully with DVDs, giving an HD look to standard versions. Using Netflix required a firmware update that went smoothly by following the directions on the website. It took some sleuthing on Netflix to find where to enter the codes to register with the two different codes provided. When I Cool as Ice to stream a Netflix movie though there was no sound. The sound Cool as Ice through the receiver and through the TV speakers for other online sources but not Netflix. I called customer service for Netflix and they checked the source material and said it had to be my set up. Netflix streaming apparently does not support digital audio. I called Sony customer support and a very helpful person walked me through the audio settings on the DVD player. Once I set the Audio HDMI to PCM it worked fine. I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response on the customer service lines and the quality of the support provided from both Netflix and Sony. There is an absolutely amazing amount of online material available from numerous Internet sources.

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