Drawing Restraint 9 Even

Drawing Restraint 9

Even without discussing the price issue, there are other causes slowing down HD adoption. Most credible source agree that a 40 inch TV is needed to be able to see the benefits of full HD. Many people simply do not have the space in their interior for such monsters, or are not willing to let TVs eat up an even larger fraction of their lives. Quality. The truth is that CRT do a much better job than most LCDs at displaying analog TV content. I am clearly not tempted to adopt an LCD screen today to enjoy 30% better movie quality 5% of the time and see lower TV quality 95% of the time as long as digital is not widely available, Rate of change. New TV sets are released every 3 months by Japanese brands. Model names are confusing and appear to overlap, the price structure is messed up by the heavy competition and it is really tempting to wait for more stability. Poor quality of the content. With the quality of movies decreasing at super high speed, the perception of the value of the time spent watching a movie is decreasing also, and so is the willingness of people to invest in related infrastructures, Portal battle. The real battle taking place has never been HD DVD vs Blue Ray, the real battle is at the level of the media storage/display device. Computers are fighting against TVs/players for the ownership of the multi-media space in families, and this prevents many people from investing one way or another. When solid players are 75 and movies are 10-15 then I will upgrade. Right now standard DVD is just fine for me. b they dont support the full blue ray standard. c they are very slow the cheaper ones can take 1 1/2 minutes to boot up!!! The only player worth owning is the PS3, but if want something that will fit into your hifi rack or costs less then you are out of luck. When a, b, and c are solved Im sure sales will take off. Theyd better hurry up and do it though. HD rentals via download are starting to taking off. Once that starts to appear as an extra to HD TV set top boxes then it may well be that a large proportion of the market think that a DVD player is enough until blue ray players are so cheap they can replace the cheap DVD player people already have. I know that high definition content is all the rage these days, but I think we need to realize that the general populace will look to see what a Blu-ray player can do that their existing equipment cannot. I believe that people switched from VHS to DVD, not for the improved quality of the picture, but because of features like intro screens, chapter skip, size and ease of using the disc. The improved video quality was just a happy accident. I think that the absolute bottom line is that people will adopt blu-ray if 1 HDTV become the de facto standard for televisions and 2 people see additional benefits, other than just improved audio/video.

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