Drool part 1 To the films

Drool part 1

To the films credit, tries hard to put out a quality product on a low budget. Writer/director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, in her Hollywood cinematic debut turns out a visually stylish film, a striking bleakness of composition full of muted tones and harsh fluorescents. As messy and incoherent as the film plot might be, the visuals of the film feel meticulously crafted and well-executed, and it makes the films esoteric vision and original concept easier to admire. It gets a bit weird at times, though. The fetishism of Ricci done up like a corpse crosses into some uncomfortable areas, with excessive lingering shots on her pale body laid out on a slab in a decidedly erotic fashion. It isnt erotic in the slightest, thank goodness, but almost half of the film is devoted to such weirdness. With a little bit of reworking, could have been a decent psychological thriller. The material has potential, and the director drool part 1 a very nice visual style. Alas, the plot and the acting just dont measure up. In the first act, you have the nagging suspicion that the film doesnt make a lot of sense, drool part 1 it is failing to obey its own logical rules. By the second act, this becomes extremely obvious. By the third act, youll be reading a book in another room. From a technical perspective, Anchor Bay has done a nice job with this Blu-ray presentation. The 1080p transfer is quite striking, clean and crisp with solid black levels. The film has a subdued color palate, manipulated to rob the film of some colors, while emphasizing other saturated tones for effect, like red tones. Detail is very sharp, with no observable edge or noise issues. It is a handsomely cold presentation, well-suited the films strong visual aesthetics. In terms of audio, we get an uncompressed PCM 1 track, which is predictably atmospheric for a horror film, full of eerie silences and tension. The rear channel is rarely utilized, but adds an unmistakable echo and ambient quality in the funeral home sequences. Bass response is balanced, but on the weak side. We also get a legacy 1 Dolby Digital track, which offers up a very similar sonic performance. Dialogue is clear and clean. It is a functional presentation, but nothing groundbreaking here. Extras are slim, but we get an enthusiastic and solid directors commentary track from co-writer and director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, clearly very excited to have her first film to discuss in great length. We also get an 8-minute making-of featurette, Delving into the : The Art of Making a Thriller and the theatrical trailers. It is criminal that a film featuring Christina Ricci in almost constant states of nakedness and undress could be this boring and uninteresting. I cant even string words together to express my disappointment here. Just look, I need some time alone. I have some grieving to do. On paper, should be a great thriller, but the end result is so tepid and uninteresting, so unforgivably dull it simply cannot be salvaged. Avoid this one, or rent if youre feeling masochistic. Whats fair? Whether positive or negative, our reviews should be unbiased, informative, and critique the material on its own merits. Dolby Digital 1 Surround English Review content copyright 2010 Adam Arseneau; Site design and review layout drool part 1 2011 HipClick Designs LLC. All rights reserved.

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