Eraserheads with a smile official music video

Eraserheads with a smile official music video

I am an experienced cruiser and I wanted to do something special for my family. I bought them all a cruise on Carnival Splendor Jan 2 for Christmas. There will be 12 of us. My sons and their family have never cruised before. My daughter and her family have. I KNOW that we will have a wonderful time and the CD is a very important part of a good time. It sounds like you are a super CD and I look forward to meeting you. Here s hoping the ship can be repaired in a timely manner and all is well again on Splendor. Looking forward to part God speed John. Linda Bravo Good to hear you are ok John. Those passengers and crew should consider themselves lucky to have been in your s and the captain, s capable hands! BRAVO JOHN! My husband and I, as well as 19 of our family and friends were on the Carnival Splendor Oct 24 All of us agree 110% that the entire ship was extremely lucky to have you as the CD for this unfortunate voyage. You truly are a breath of fresh air and Carnival is very fortunate to have you as an employee. Thank-you for keeping us informed. If I had been on that ship at that time, I would have known the professionalism and skills were superb of the crew and everything possible was being done. and trusted. You are ALL HEROS. First and foremost I am glad to hear that everyone is well and glad to see the ship back. As a previous Carnival employee I know how everyone must have felt. Your heart sinks at that moment. Even being away from ships as soon as I heard I felt the need to follow cause I know there are still plenty of crew members who were like family on those ships. I am proud to hear reports on how good the crew did. No amount of drills ever really get you ready for the feeling that comes over you. I learned that first hand on my days on the Tropicale. It is something that stays with you. But you get back up and cruise again. As far as the word fire it sounds like you were reporting exactly what the Captain was being told. Smoke does not mean visible fire. Smoke simply means something is burning. You can cause smoke from cooking something incorrectly in your microwave with no visible fire. I think most people understand that extreme heat can be generated causing smoke without producing visible flames. And since there were no visible flames, the Captain and you used the correct terminology. It is very reassuring to know the hours and hours of training and more hours and hours of practice that all cruise crew go through paid off!! Parts of this made me laugh out loud, and parts brought tears to my eyes. I wasn t there, but sounds like Carnival, you, the captain, the crew, handled it brilliantly, and THANK GOD THIS IS TAUGHT AND PRACTICED From one professional to another, I have to congratulate you and the crew for the great job you did during the emergency. I am sure that the crew up to and before this all said that these drills are boring, and time consuming, and a waste of time. I am sure that they all are now saying the opposite. Having been in an emergency situations before with having a person fall overboard from my boat and the crew doing there jobs to get the person back on board, all the training we went through paid off. As I am sure it did with your crews.

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