Exit speed movie part 1 Even

Exit speed movie part 1

Even then it will take at least three of the top brands going all 3d as the standard and phasing out standard TV. I mean hell, you can still buy a standard def TV and HDTV has been more or less normal now for the better part of 5 years. At that rate itll be 2020 at the earliest where the next thing beyond good ol 1080p starts to get its foot in the door. Ive yet to see anything in 3D that would make me want to spend the extra few bucks on a movie ticket let alone an expensive TV. It still looks cheap. I cant think of much Id want. 3D doesnt do much for me. I guess I could go for exit speed movie part 1 capacity Blu Ray or successor discs to get whole TV seasons on one disc etc. Digital Download is probably the real future once broadband is everywhere, but were a long ways off from that so well probably always have physical media around during our lifetimes. A bit early for this thread, innit? isnt even mainstream yet. Besides, Digital DistributionNetflix Instant Watch being most prominent will gain a larger footprint before becomes mainstram That is something I never thought about. Luckily my area has no caps. Scorch, besides seasons, would regular movies really benefit from the huge space increase? Maybe a butt-load of extra features, but outside of that, I cant think of much. The entire Police Academy series on one disc. There is no right or wrong, just what we call right and wrong. I think well have better thoughts when blu-ray is standard everywhere. Deal without the hassle, Amazon Payments Paypal. Star Trek The Next Generation series on one disc. Go on taking you hidden photos of people shopping at Target you paranoid shopper. Honestly this should go in the BR section. DVDs lasted 14 years. I say give it another 2-3 years tops before retailers start mega shrinking DVD exit speed movie part 1 space for BR discs. Until current market tvs pass the 1080p mark, BRs will be around for a long time. Say another 10 years. Yes we are only getting a small percentage of the true resolution of what we see in theaters and yes we are going to have to buy all our shit over again. It long as they have a good trade in program then all is good. Blu-ray was obsolete when it came out, HDD and SSD are the future, Im waiting for that Pedabyte drive that was suppose to come out 2010/2011 for Im team Digital Download/streaming. You should have seen my elderly moms all engrossed in her Roku box this Christmas. She had watched almost 21 straight episodes of LOST over the holiday weekend. She promptly cancelled her cable and got the HD antenna for local news. All of us who collect games, comics, cds, hell any physical media will be like those old record blues and jazz record collectors in about 20 years.

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