Hellraiser hellworld part 1 I

Hellraiser hellworld part 1

I can say unequivocally that the drive was SILENT on the Lexicon, this even if I put my ear up to the chassis as it loaded or spun up discs, my Oppo was noisy as I stated, since then Oppo has sent me a replacement but due to my recent Flu I havent unboxed it to compare. I cannot comment on the THX issue. Fatherom, I believe the comment you are referring to was posted in the comments section and was deleted even my posts were removed!. See above for the THX issue. I hope this helps answer some of the questions, certainly the two units are marketed towards totally different markets, there are many with sick level home theaters who simply hate seeing a cheap plastic player in their rig, and I can see why. The case of the Lexicon is beautiful and the buttons far superior to the Oppos, albeit at a significantly elevated price. Let me be clear, I DID THE REVIEW! I have re-done my viewing tests and STILL STAND BY what I saw! To me, the Lexicon DID have a slight edge over the Oppo BD-83 SE in video performance. Is this edge worth the added cost? Only you can decide what to spend your money on, and for most I am sure the Oppo is all they will ever want/need there, I said it again! but for those who want the absolute nth level of refinement, their is the Lexicon. Posted on January 20, 2010 6:44 PM You quoted Lexicon, and I see they very carefully worded their statement: We requested and obtained numerous changes from what was then the standard Oppo unit. It would appear that theyre talking about the THX certification process, which Oppo actively participated in and made changes to ALL of their players for, not just the ones theyre shipping to Lexicon to be put in Lexicon boxes. Furthermore, we dont even know what kind of changes were made just hardware, just firmware, both? The overriding question which no one seems to want to directly answer is HOW THE LEXICON DIFFERS FUNCTIONALLY FROM AN OPPO PRODUCED AFTER THE THX CERTIFICATION PROCESS. Frankly that question needs to be answered before we ever attempt to address the supposed performance differences that youre listing in your review. But I would like to make one major comment regarding your observations of both players. Given the relatively loose tolerances in consumer electronics manufacturing, using the display settings you arrived at for the Lexicon on the Oppo as well is a rather major error. The reason is the same as the reason that using the calibrated settings from one display on another display of the same make and model doesnt work and this is backed by loads of repeatable measurements. Each display must be individually calibrated to a reference, and then adjustments must be separately made for each source connected to it. Any professional calibrator worth his salt will explain that this is his basic process. If youre going to make adjustments to your display to calibrate it for a given unit, you should absolutely be re-calibrating the display when viewing another unit, even of the same model. This is a basic calibration axiom. Thanks for finally posting, it was nice to hear from the guy who wrote the review: Posted on January 20, 2010 7:14 PM Reviews are subjective. If you dont see the value Dont buy the unit. Its that simple. You are the consumer and you have the POWER! Alot of people totally miss this point! To quote Dina from AVRANT Go out and listen to something, because in the end its all about your own personal experience and your own money. Posted on January 20, 2010 10:47 PM I must say Ive been staying away from this particular thread, mostly because I did not do the review nor have I ever listened or viewed any source material from either of the two players in question. Moving on I must say youve hit the nail on the head for me and stated the single most important thing that I think has been missing from the discourse and that is the personal experience and the fact that everyone will have a difference of opinion based on their own experience not to mention system. Im not going take a side on whos right and whos wrong for we can all agree to disagree and thats part of what makes certain aspects of this hobby fun. Its no different with cars, cameras, computers you name it. Choice is the spice of life and this really comes down to choice. Like Ken said if you choose the Oppo, great. If you choose the Lexicon thats good too so long as youre happy. One thing I would like to touch upon it was brought up earlier in a previous post is the question regarding our review format. Before I continue and in the spirit of full disclosure Ive been with Home Theater Review since its inception almost two years ago, prior to that I was with or Audio Video Revolution where I cut my teeth reviewing universal remotes and eventually worked my way up to Managing Editor for both publications. I am proud of this publication and its staff of truly wonderful writers and consider them to be family in many regards so Im letting my bias be known ahead of time. Are we perfect? No. No one is. We are an opinion based review site that we hope can provide insight and speak to the emotional side of the listening or viewing experience of a products to help guide you in your collective journeys towards total system happiness and satisfaction. We are not the end all be all by any means, we are merely a guide. However should we not provide all of the info you require before making your purchase decision there is a wealth of knowledge out there to take you the rest of the way and were cool with that. Like many of you Im sure, I grew up on a steady diet of Stereophile and the like dreaming of one day being able to afford some of the truly awesome gear they covered in their pages. That being said, and please dont take this as a knock or an attack, but I never really paid much attention to the specs or graphs presented in those reviews partially because I was young and didnt much understand them at the time because at the end of the day you dont feel measurements, charts or graphs. You feel the music or you enjoy the movie. You listen with your heart.

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