Keep your distance amon

Keep your distance amon tobin

The max we should expect is to burn and play unencrypted HD content. the tech is there and apple is currently due to refresh the entire line. Apple Cinema Display needs to be updated for HDCP compliance for Blu-RayYes, all of them are overdue. My guess is that theyll release new versions with BluRay support really soon now. For the Cinema Display, my guess is that theyll switch to 16:9 and add DisplayPort HDMI. Physical media will go away eventually. As many people here pointed out, its probable that BD Blu-Ray is the last optical media. The efforts are going into cloud computing so your data would be everywhere and you only need a device to access it, be it a pocket-sized, laptop-sized or workstation-sized. Look at Google Docs, your data is on their servers and you can access it from anywhere. I dont think optical media will go away any time soon. People often want to buy and own a film, not just lease it from a store. However, BluRay will be the last 2D film format. With a resolution of 1920x1080p, it just does not make sense to go any higher. Even cinemas dont use much higher resolutions for digital projections usually its just 2K 2048x whatever. Analogue projections dont even come close. Apple is probably working on 7 release by now. Theyre also keep your distance amon tobin on 6, and most likely have a small team planning for Its even likely that some engineers are working on projects for Overlapping development is the standard way of doing things. nope, alot of us want to be able to watch our Blu-ray movie content on our laptops while travelling, and dont care about the stupid extra disc that costs 5 more version with Digital copy, just want to watch a movie, without installing in in itunes and such. i really hope they have made a deal for a slot loading reading drive for laptops. or even on imacs it is so frustrating they dont even give this as an option on BTO macs. and for those who say the drive doesnt exist, that is just BS so there must be a version available or could be made cheaper for reading BD discs and burning CD/DVD content. 1 a lot of us means nothing. Im sure NAMBLA has a lot of members, but thankfully the percentage of these sickos in society. are quite low. 2 As for the drive not existing, I pointed out that a 7mm drive exists, but a 5mm drive does seem to exist yet. Your link only proves my point. 3 They charge 1000 for for 7mm slot loading BR SuperDrive. How much lower do you actually think a reader would be? 530 is for the desktop-grade tray-loading BRD. 4 Im sure you, et al. , do want to travel with a bunch of BR discs to run a power sucking BR optical drive that may give you just enough juice to watch a single movie, if your lucky, but I prefer to work in an effective and efficient manner when I travel. So I put my video onto a HDD that uses considerably less power, holds considerably more data, costs considerably less money, and takes up considerably keep your distance amon tobin space per GB.

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