Night and the city the

Night and the city the batman

Anticipated sales of blue laser players, game consoles, PC drives and related media are expected to top 28 billion by 2010, according to technology research firm Santa Clara Consulting Group. Currently, the market seems to be preoccupied with the format battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD technologies. What is overlooked is the fact that a market is developing, and the opportunity is huge, said David Bunzel, managing director of SCCG. By 2010, blue laser disc player sales would total 4 billion and related movies contributing 3 billion in sales. Blue laser game consoles PS3 would contribute 6 billion in sales, and related games 10 billion in sales. Blue laser PC drives would generate 4 billion in revenue, and blue laser blank media 400 million in sales. High-definition content will be a central focus for companies in the consumer electronic, gaming, entertainment and PC industries for the next five years, Bunzel said. Blue laser disc technology is a critical component to the development of these markets. Can you beat your mother in debate? My mother is far too slippery. When my grandfather was alive it was fun to watch them argue because parents never like losing arguments to their children. When mine loses she merely adjusts reality to make the winner wrong! When mine loses she merely adjusts reality to make the winner wrong! what was this thread about again? what was this thread about again? HD DVDs dominance over Blu-Ray ; After suffering weeks of negative buzz over the picture quality of its first-generation Blu-ray disc player, Samsung now says an internal scaler chip may be to blame. As reported earlier today by A/V magazine The Perfect Vision, Sony exec Don Eklund first brought the issue to Samsungs attention after noticing that the image quality produced by Samsungs BD-P1000 player not match the quality of the master tapes from which the Blu-ray titles were encoded. Samsung engineers later determined that the noise-reduction circuit in the players Genesis scaler chip was enabled, causing the picture to soften significantly. Though Samsung has yet to issue any formal statements regarding the apparent faulty chip, the companys senior vice president of marketing for its Audio and Video Products Group Jim Sanduski confirmed to The Perfect Vision that the company is working to fix the problem on future shipments of the BD-P1000, and also plans to issue a firmware upgrade to correct the problem on current players. Samsung is currently working to revise the default settings on the noise-reduction circuit in the Genesis scaler chip to sharpen the picture, Sanduski is quoting as saying. All future Samsung BD-P1000 production will have this revision and we are working to develop a firmware update for existing product. As weve previously reported, some early adopters have experienced poor picture quality when using the recommended HDMI output on the Samsung player. Switching to component outputs has improved the image quality for these users, which could be a result of the component outputs bypassing night and the city the batman scaling chip. Though the launch of rival format HD DVD was not without its own glitches, reviews of that formats first-gen hardware and software have been largely positive. If a repaired chip in the Samsung BD-P1000 markedly improves picture quality from the deck, it could help close the perceived gap in quality that currently exists between the two formats. We will keep you posted on the latest developments in this story as it continues to unfold. So maybe some of the negatives weve been hearing dont have to do entirely to the choice of codec in MPEG2 or the Blu-ray disc themselves, but a little glitch from a chip in the Samsung. I for one, would like to hear some revised reviews of Blu-ray movies, once the firmware update is in place. It should make for an interesting comparison. Moreover, itll be interesting to see forthcoming players from Blu-ray backers that will support HDMI 3 with more colors and HD sound over the HDMI and how that will come into play in the quality of Blu-ray movies. And lets not forget about the availability of DL movies this fall and how this should aid in the quality as well. HD DVDs dominance over Blu-Ray ; I thought blu-ray was winning. Ill check back when we get to page 40 Roxio on Tuesday will announce support for Blu-ray Disc with Toast, its popular Macintosh CD and DVD burning software. The new release of Toast will be bundled with Blu-ray drives coming to retailers soon. The software will enable Mac users who purchase Blu-ray drives to store as much as 50GB of data on a BD-R recordable or BD-RE rewritable disc, according to Roxio. Those drives will be coming to market later this calendar quarter. Adam Fingerman, director of product management for Roxio, told Macworld that several companies have spoken with or made arrangements with Roxio to bundle the Blu-ray-enabled version of Toast. The new update to Toast will, at least at first, be available exclusively to users who buy the new BD drives, and wont offer any additional night and the city the batman or features for non-Blu-ray drive users. Blu-ray drive users will receive the full Toast Titanium product, not a Lite version. Left to its own devices, Mac OS X v 4 Tiger doesnt know what to do with Blu-ray Discs, so Toast will include Toast Dynamic Writing, software that lets users mount Blu-ray discs and write to the them the same way they would a removable storage device.

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