One missed call

One missed call trailer

Normaly the ps3 after a check it will found that the hdd structure are damager and continues to the repair and restore phase. After that your ps3 will restart and everything will be back to normal and your blu-ray playback also. Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again. Once the System has been shutdown, re-press you finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps When you hear the 2 beeps take finger off power button. You will be promted to plug in your controller via usb and then hit the PS button The Recovery menu will pop up. Good Luck To All Of You, And Greetings From Crete Island Greece. Tarandino hmm i have try it only after a Successed downgrade, included the 55 version downgrade and it works perfect every time, but i havent try it yet if works on CFW Bluray issues. If someone will try it, please post here the results. is there any risk of a brick? if not i will try it Problem after downgrade from 50 to 41 with E3 CARD READER Hi to everyone!. Am new at the post so happy to meet you all. A few days ago i bought an E3 CARD READER but the seller didnt inform about the fix concerning the bluray issue. So i downgraded from 5 to 41 modified pup after that my bluray was gone. I tried to downgrade to 21 using umodified pup including self files it was succesfull and then upgrade to 41 unmodified with the hope to restore my bluray. But no luck! I need this forum help! I read that if i downrgade to 10 or to 15 from 41 it will restore it. In lower firmware than 41 modified should i use the same self files of the 41 with the same procedure? Also the am confused about the firmwares are all the same for europe and us? My fat console cechc04 model 60 gb has the problem. Also my brothers cechko4 model 120gb that was allready 41 no needed to downgrade plays fine! Should i do a copy of my brothers dev flash with awesome file manager and use it on mine? I searched all one missed call trailer internet but am confused. tarantino said something very interesting which by the way is from my island. Greetings! you for your help will be much appreciated Im running 55 cfw. Blu-ray was broken. would always blackscreen till i ejected disk. Although i couldnt delete any files. They are all write protected. The recover file system did fix the errors. And my blu-rays now play fine. Patrida geia sou! Synteknos Manos apo Irakleio Kritis Theli voithia me to Bluray Patrida gia sou kai pali prospathisa na sou stilo private message alla den to dixni sta ekserxomena opote zito signomi prokatavolika an sou estila polla. Se periptosi pou den to parakalo kane mia klisi an mporis na me voithisis kai to mail einai Stile ena mail me to noumero sou na se kaleso sto private message exo stilei kai to kinito mou alla den thelo na to doso edo sto prokatavolika nea sou giati mou tin exei spasei to bluray! Use of this site is governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All Trademarks and images are owned by their respected owners. All times are GMT The time now is 05:44 AM. Powered by vBulletin. Copyright 2000 2007, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. I know CDs/DVDs are slowing down due to flash memory and that Blu-rays are on a steady pace as of now, but are there companies out there working on the next step in disk storage? Or is the one missed call trailer just slowly fading away? Speculations about the future can t really be answered on such site. This is more a topic for a discussion forum. Gnoupi Aug 19 10 at 18:37 OT, I m crossing my fingers that everybody will go to a flash-based storage medium. First software to come out that comes on SD I m buying it, whether or not I need it. Will Aug 19 10 at 19:14 I think blu-ray will be the last serious player in the realm of distributing audio/video content via disks. Digital streaming/downloading will one missed call trailer enough of a foothold by the time a successor is market ready, that it will undoubtedly be marginalized, if not deemed a complete failure. There will still be a pretty good market in terms of portable storage media for data though. I dont think were at a point yet where companies will be ditching CD/DVDs in favor of read-only flash drives for disseminating software or files or whatever.

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