Over the hedge part 1 in hindi

Over the hedge part 1 in hindi

see what you fail to realize is that there are many people in this country of many different races, including WHITES, that are on welfare, and well, lets say do despicable things to one another! No, its okay, you dont have to admit those things! we dont need you to admit that you are just as overjoyed about obama being Your new prez as the rest of us! but out of respect for yourself, for once in your sad azz, ignorant, hate filled not spit poison b/c no matter what you say everyday for the next four years of YOUR prez. is a Black Man that loves you anyway! he will show you and the rest of his unconditional love for this country and the humans that build it! and you really dont have to be afraid. tell your parents! i know they are afraid too slavery on whites will not commence! Karisma VERY well said. Bravo! jaymels32 exactly! I guess they didnt see all those white and other non-black faces crying tears of joy and rejoicing in his victory, too, huh? And youre right, Obama would not condone half the shyt that has been said here today. SMDH If only we ALL can be as humble and graceful as the Obamas, there would no limit to what we can accomplish! Make ya money, dont let money make u!! BIG UPS TO THE LATINO POPULATION THAT SUPPORTED OBAMA 2/3 TO 1/3 FOR MCCAIN. THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT YOUR SUPPORT MADE THE DIFFERENCE. NOW FOR THE 5% OF BLACKS THAT DID NOT VOTE FOR yall at? We need to talk! THIS IS CRAZY, LIKE I JUST POSTED. I JUST CONFIRMED WITH MY COUSIN IN DETROIT AND ON THE NEWS THE PRESIDENT OF CHINA, KOREA, AND ALL THE FOREIGN COUNTRIES SAID THEY WILL HELP US NOW THAT BARACK IS PRESIDENT BUT WOULDNT HAVE DONE SO IF MCCAIN WOULD HAVE BECAME PRESIDENT. MAKE SURE YOU CARRY WATER WITH YOU, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ALOT OF SALTY EXPLETIVE TODAY! I got HIGH as fucc, last night! MAKE SURE YOU CARRY WATER WITH YOU, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ALOT OF SALTY EXPLETIVE TODAY! I got HIGH as fucc, last night! I am proud to be an American!!!! Lets all pray that the hatred and envy which is obviously brewing does not spill anywhere near the Obamas or the rest of the black, african american, minority, mixed, and good white like me communities!!!!! dont worry we will take it like the white people will. you know, your mom, dad, and spouse/cousin! LMAO!!! MY LATINO AND HISPANIC BROTHERS COULD WE PLEASE STOP THE KILLING AND WARS IN CALI DAMNNNN ITS A NEW DAY BABY. PRAYER CAN CHANGE THINGS, YES WE CAN!!!! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT FOR BROTHER PRESIDENT OBAMA. ARE the weakest link. GOODBYE!!! I can feel a change a-comin!! IM SO HAPPY FOR HIM AND AMERICA!! CHANGE HAS COME! MY GIRLFRIEND AND I NEVER THOUGHT WE WOULD SEE THE DAY A BLACK MAN WOULD BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EVEN IN MY DREAMS THE PRESIDENT WAS NEVER A BLACK MAN WERE STILL SHOCKED AND I DONT BELIEVE IT MY GIRLFRIEND AND I WAS SO TIRED LASTNIGHT BUT WE WERE NOT GOING TO BED UNTIL THEY SAID OBAMA IS PRESIDENT AND WHEN THEY FINALLY SAID OBAMA HAS BEEN ELECTED PRESIDENT WE WERE LIKE IT MUST BE AN ERROR OR SOMETHING BUT NO IT WASNT HE DEFINITELY WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT LASTNIGHT BUT NOW WERE HOPING THAT ASHTON KUTCHER DONT POP UP TODAY AND TELL EVERYONE THAT WEVE BEEN PUNKED ITS CRAZY CAUSE WE WERE CRYING WHEN OBAMA WAS ELECTED AND WE ALSO CRIED WHEN THEY WERE SHOWING PEOPLE ON THE NEWS OF ALL COLORS COMING TOGETHER FOR THIS HISTORICAL EVENT BLACK WHITE HISPANICS ARABIANS ASIANS AND THE LIST GOES ON WE LOVE WHEN WE ALL COME TOGETHER I WISH IT COULD BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME I WISH THAT WE COULD ERASE RACISM ANYWAY WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYBODY THAT WENT OUT IN VOTED BLACK WHITE HISPANICS ASIANS ARABIANS AND ALL THE VOLUNTEERS BLACK WHITE HISPANICS ARABIANS AND ASIANS GO OBAMA! OBAMA IS PESIDENT 2008 YES WE CAN AND YES WE DID!!!! Congrats to Obama! And All the Black voters and white voters to its time for the change. Please to all my Bothers stop the killings one another. This was a long time coming! Its time for a change and this is a very good start. He has his work cut out for him because Bush is going to leave such a big mess to clean up. He can do it!!! Go Obama!! ITS A CELEBRATION BYTCH AND YOU NOT GONE SPOIL THIS HISTORICAL MOMENT FOR US. I DONT GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOUR STATISTICS SAY, AS LONG AS HE GOT THAT BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN ON HIS ARM, HE IS A BLACK MAN. AN ARAB COULD NOT GET A BLACK WOMAN AS INTELLIGENT AND BEAUTIFUL AS HER. O-BAMA OBAMA OBAMA, O O O-BAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!! LOL yes indeedy history has been made!!!! OBAMA IS AWWWWWSOMMMMME!! i CRIED MY EYES OUT WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED HIM AS THE NEXT PRESIDENT. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BARACK IS THE 44TH PRESIDENT MICHELLE IS THE 44TH FIRST LADY AND THE FIRST KIDS ARE MALIA AND SASHA. MY COUSIN JUST EMAILED MY BLACKBERRY AND SAID SHE WAS WATCHING THE NEWS AND CHINA, KOREA AND THE OTHER FOREIGN COUNTRIES SAID, WE WILL HELP USA NOW. WE ARE GOING TO WORK WITH BARACK OBAMA, IF MCCAIN WE WOULD NOT BE HELPING AMERICA. NOW TELL ME THIS NOT GODS HAND AT WORK! LIKE OBAMA SAID ITS NOT HIM OR ABOUT HIM. ITS ABOUT US THE PPL. Trooper we were just discussing this last night. Now, maybe other countries wont have as much hatred towards the and will choose to embrace us. How can we expect change, peace and harmony from over the hedge part 1 in hindi countries if we cant give it to ourselves? Obama is proof that we can. Yes we can! There are skeptics and racists who see this as the beginning of the end times Hate to break it to them, but weve been going thru the end times for a while now. I say, even if this is true, its a positive thing IMO. Why should we fear the end times? After all, the end of today will make for a glorious tomorrow. This just may be the first step to God shutting down all satans dirty work! Make ya money, dont let money make u!! i never new there was so many people, dont ya no this president, has got a white mom, laugh, yer i laugh, as i new it was coming, but it is just the begining, dont ya see the puppet puller sitting on da shelf, but baby, listen up, cos he gonna start to dip your wealth, oh yes the card is coming, and so is the chip, and when ya see a brother does it, man the whitey is gonna flip, so dont trip, or even think it is party time, but the begining of the times, see the signs, dont act so blinds, while in dafur they dieing, while in iran, they be crying, i gave you more trust than this, i thought you had more sense, you dont know who ya EXPLETIVE wid, this is the biggest player of them, all, watch out all the big spenders; and be careful in the fall, the winters are gonna get tough, and the storms gonna get ruff, and if ya had any over the hedge part 1 in hindi at all, you would run to africa wid all ya stuff, but it is all cool, sit and have your party, you all acted like a bunch of laurel and hardys, wake the EXPLETIVE up, and dont be foolish, this is your first warning, it aint a real EXPLETIVE sitting in your morning, by souljah queen, i aint forgot ya fam, one love, LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE THIS MAKES ME SO PROUD AS A BLACK MAN TO SEE THE WORLD FINALLY GIVING PRAISE TO THE TRUE BLACK MAN AND NOT THE ONE AMERICA BEFORE SHOWED THEM ON IM GLAD HES MARRIED TO A BLACK WOMAN ALSO AND HE WASNT A BROTHER WITH A WHITE WIFE OR A WIFE THAT ACT LIKE SHE COULDNT BE A BLACK WOMAN WITH HIPS CUZ FIRST LADY HAVE A BLACK SHAPE WITH NO DISRESPECT, HEYYYYY FIRST LADY HAHAHAHA BUT ON THE REAL IM SO PROUD RIGHT NOW. NOT JUST THE BLACK FAMILY AND WOMAN BUT THE BLACK MAN FINALLY CAN BE SHOWN AROUND THE WORLD HOW WE REALLY ARE AND CAN BE. I watched something necessary. in its alienation of the people it conquered. African Americans were brought here as slaves, lied to about their glorious past and fought for granted nowadays. I saw Black people in Chicago waving American flags proudly, cheering USA. I saw cops shaking hands with brothas from the hood who hate cops. I saw white college students who have wearing Obama buttons or carrying Obama posters. He truly is a unifying force. He has changed the face of America, but now the question remains can he change America? Can he stop the war? Or can he just change it. America has a new leader, to me personally I have capital for capitalism.

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