S w a t theme song Clearly

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Clearly there isnt really enough differentiation between the players yet to make the choice anything more personal than tapping into an aethetic preference for casing. Looking forware to 2nd generation stuff but glad that both formats are shipping now. HD movies and lower cost front projection equals total bliss. Ive been lurking about on this thread out of idle curiosity for quite some time. I saw this article today: I dont agree completely with each point; however, the fact is that-personally-I am not convinced that there is any mass-market need for any of this unless the studios basically say, if you want to buy our great movie TITLE, you have to buy it in a HD format. I am beginning to hope that both formats die miserably. In a perfect world, we wouldnt even need those stupid plastic discs for content; although, it is very, very difficult to beat the bandwidth of FedEx. Ill stay out of the HD evolution for a couple of more years my tv has worked for over 15, and for as much as I use it, it is fine. Nobody likes false starts. With the debut of HD DVD at an underwhelming Toshiba to release a player that didnt support true HD at 1080p even though the software does, and with no lossless audio Holy smokes did this guy get ANYTHING right in this first point? Funny there are so few TVs that offer 1080p inputs and even fewer that offer a 1:1 pixel map for 1080p others use wobulation to share mirrors thus I dont really get why hes underwhelmed about 1080i and no disc has shipped with 720p. Its obvious the he doesnt understand the benefits of de-interlacing with Inverse Telecine. Dolby TrueHD 2-channel is MANDATORY which means support is in EVERY player so if its not on the disc its the studios fault. Lets hope the next one is better. Keep in mind DVD launched without Paramount, Disney and others who wanted DIVX to thrive Format Wars Dont Sell Players Yes s w a t theme song they dont necessarily prohibit the success of formats either. Universal DVD Burners are the most recent success of to warring formats. Consumers are pretty adept and weighing the pros and cons of different formats. Theres always competition. HD DVD and Blu-ray are NOT Quantum Leaps in Technology They dont have to be. They simply need to be valued over todays DVD. The killer app here isnt the HD content s w a t theme song the rapidly decreasing prices of large screen TVs and projectors. NTSC looked fine until TVs got larger than DVDs looked fine until 60 and larger TV and projected screens. At my day gig we sell decent projectors for 800 and nothing beats the experience of sharp video on a large screen. Studios are Conservative, Greedy and Unmotivated Many companies hate change. Theres inherent risk in change and if they can profit and keep the status quo thats what they feel comfortable with. Playstation3 Cannot Save the World On one hand I believe the PS3 could have a major impact on BD-ROM sales but theres the possibility that many people simply purchase it as a game console. Those Who Ignore History Consumers are even more ambivalent about audio than they are about video. How many wall mounted plasmas do you see flanked by thin lifestyle speakers that sound like crap? Audio was never a big deal with people. Many profess to have a tin ear and DVD-A and SACD made fatal flaws. No digital hookup meant the use of 6 analog cable and the media pricing was higher than CD. People had been complaining for years about CD pricing so creating a more expensive format was not a way to engender the product into the hearts of people. Not to mention its difficult to have a 1 playback system tweaked right. People Want Technology thats 15 Minutes Ahead of Its Time Its a good thing to have SD mixed in with HD. After becoming acclimated to HD you realize how sucky SD is. Theres your motive for HD movies right there. Enthusiasts Are Getting Tired and Smarter Yes but being an enthusiast is also knowing the new tech comes out to replace old tech. When one enthusiast retires he/she passes the torch on to the next one. A Skeptical News Media Doesnt Help Ill admit it, were part of the problem though Id like to think were saving consumers from making the next big mistake. An increasingly skeptical news media isnt buying into the hype of HD DVD and Blu-ray, especially not after wasting millions of editorial words on DVD-Audio and SACD, only to watch the software and technology dwindle into obscurity.

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