San wanes ko mind you that

San wanes ko

mind you that that at 50gb at most it would include the extras and a whole bunch more stuff. just the title i imagine it would be somewhere around 25gb-35gb, which is only 32 movies. it would be worth it though for me anyway! 5tb drives are out and arent that expensive, 2tb will be out soon so its becomming more and more convenient to rip/convert. I do a lot of compression work, and if you cant tell the difference between a 40Mbps AVC encode on Blu-ray and a re-compressed 10Mbps or whatever AVC encode that youve created then youre either blind or dont have your setup properly calibrated. A 5-10GB re-encode is nowhere near the quality of most Blu-ray discs there are exceptions, in cases where grain is nearly non-existant. Its good enough for watching on the go but its still time consuming and not remotely convenient. i also do a lot of compression work albeit basic and if you think your going to see a massive increase between a 10mbps rip and a 40mb passthrough/bluray movie on a 15 1440×900 WXGA? screen then you are wasting your time. a 5-10gb movie is nowhere near the quality, no, but at least it will allow me to do other work while i actually watch the movie rather than chewing up my CPU/RAM, and other things yes i watch movies while working. You are wrong on that point, as I pointed out before. It certainly would be a valid reason if it were still true, however the situation has changed. Optiarc Sony/NEC joint venture developed a 5mm drive primarily for use by Apple and offered them to Apple as slot-loading drives for use in the latest machines. The fact that you cant buy one at retail has nothing to do with what was made available to Apple. Note that Matsushita did the same thing in time for the early 2008 refresh, and Apple turned them down as well. A version of the Optiarc drive IS being used in the new Sony TT series that was just released, and I believe will be used in the upcoming Dell 13 Studio XPS refresh coming soon. The lack of drives used to be a very real issue for Apple prior to this year, but it no longer is. im not so sure that your correct. if apple had placed these orders as you say, then wouldnt they be in the computers now? i dont think i understand enough about the ordering systems/happenings of it all to debate it though. I cant say too much about the issue, but the reason Apple didnt end up including Blu-ray with this release has NOTHING to do with drive availability. Theres a lot of corporate politics going on behind the scenes, and the main issue is with Jobs wanting read: demanding that ALL studios start including iPhone/iPod compatible copies of their movies on Blu-ray which means licensing and paying for Apples DRM implementation. Most studios have done as he requested though on a limited number of titles but some are very reluctant to start paying Apple for rights to DRM they really dont care to use, as theyre internal studies have shown customers arent willing to pay extra for digital copies of the movies they buy. The digital copy idea is VERY crucial to Apple, but studios are still fairly lukewarm to the concept. So, I suppose, complex licensing wasnt exactly its just not at all the whole story. Its not that Blu-rays licensing is too complicated, san wanes ko that Jobs demands are MAKING the negotiations complicated. Personally, I dont like the idea of paying 2k for a machine that cant do things that a 900 PC notebook can easily do. I have over 200 BDs, have no interest in iTunes movie store, and have no interest at all in wasting my time ripping those titles, and definitely no interest in re-encoding those titles. When I travel which is very frequently I want to be able to grab a couple dozen titles off the shelf, throw them in the case, and go. No other solution accomplishes that and none are going to anytime soon. I dont claim to be the average consumer, nor do I have any desire to be. if you feel happy going and buying a 900 asus/dell/HP laptop, good luck. but dont come crying back when it stops working after 6 months because the registry is so bogged with crap, it bluscreens every time you try to turn it on and when something breaks the so called help desk does nothing. oh not to mention that you will most certainly be running vista. so goodluck with that:. Apple san wanes ko never geared itself toward average consumers anyway theyve always gone after pro-sumers, graphics artists, and video professionals. Yet they dont have Blu-ray, they dont have matte screens, and they dont even have enough ports on alleged pro models do get actual work done. Who exactly do they think their customers are? If they think they can continue being successful just releasing refreshes and getting fanbois apologizes to those here who fit that description to keep buying new toys then, Im sorry, but their current success doesnt look likely to continue all that much longer particularly in the current economy. adding a bluray reader would hardly be an upgrade for a pro user, it would only be an upgrade like you. and from the sounds of it you are hardly a pro user. adding a bluray writer would be one tiny tiny tiny step closer to this, at such a small size 5mm the technology would only allow 1x or 2x write speeds, hardly efficient for pro users. i am sure that they would ideally do work away whatever that may be on their laptop, save it on their large HD, and take it home to their new 16x LG bluray writer! that would be much more efficient for a pro user. adding a bluray reader would hardly be an upgrade for a pro user, it would only be an upgrade like you.

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