The big red one movie THE GAME

The big red one movie

THE GAME REMAINS THE SAME ONLY THE PLAYERS CHANGE, AND AT THE MOMENT THE REAL PLAYERS ARE AT A MINIMUM. THEREFORE BEEF HAS SLOWED DOWN DUE TO AN OVERLOAD OF py MCS WHO QUITE FRANKLY IN MY OPINION POSSESS NO HEART. Oops! Please log in to see the full page. Wayne is a pussy for dissing sold over 50 mil albums and every one of them included clasic hip, besides laime colabos doesn t have to 50: tell me the name of the first single from wayne s last this lil bitch will sing something like: Sing for the moment, Loose yourself or any other simmilar work then he can raise his voice to tha first muthafukka that commented nigga fuk u. my bad, wanksta fuk u, weezy will murk em in everysingle way possible. yo its not about loosing urself or slappin black women, or tellin ur fans to cu they wrists, like the great whyte shit eminem done, lil wayne is wat we all wanna here and obviusle u aint herd shit of weezy and u suckin 50s and ems dick for no reason iight dumbass you cant even fuckin spell yet u steady talkin like you run shit!!! this beef between lil wayne and em is weak we kno who bouta win!!!!! that white nigga from DETROIT!!!! okay wayne only got that flow cuz he went to school em aint even graduate and still knockin wayne off his block with his beats and on top of that wen people in new orleans was asked they say they aint know who the fuck a lil wayne was!!!! he grew up in the suburbs outside of the hood and errrrrrrbody know the burbs cant compare to the hood bitch!!!! DETROIT was murder capital 3 years in a row and is still the 2nd most dangereous place to live!!!!! thats real not no fuckin new orleans thats only been ghetto/hood since the hurricane!!! wayne mad cuz he tried doin a song wit em but em dont like faggots and i dont give a muthafuck BIRdMAN aint that nigga real daddy and that nigga straight up turned his head and kissed that nigga homo shit and you cant kiss a guy and say no dont work like that. wayne cool as fuck dont get me wrong i love him but hell naw and if u do beat aint finna be one round that shit finna keep goin they neck and been triple platinum how many times and he make his own beats EM real lil wayne his repetitive he been rappin bout that one bottle of sizzurp since his 1st been rappin bout birdman helpin him since the begginin GET NEW SHIT!!! EM at least kno how to switch shit up bringin up one subject at least everyother cd. get at me!!!!! DETROIT MICHIGAN BAby WHUT up DOe??!!? nigga u think em weak, u dont kno shit about rap, u right about em winning tho, but em deff aint weak at rappin u crazy White nigga? i dont think niggers are white. VOTING AGAISNT LIL BEST RAPPER! is how it is Eminem is tha best rapper day hell be muh husbandd: and umm lil wayne can juss go fuck hislef he aint shit compared to stop lyin to cant even eunderstand tha shitlil wayne is is it supposed to put together with a beat?? Did you seriously just say white nigga? LIL WAYNES A BITCH, he sucked birdmans dick to get where he s at. all lil wayne talks about is gettin money n how great he is, shady spits about ne thing under the sun. all u fags need to get off wayne s nuts he is garbage yeah i agree FUCK WAYNE!!!! he cant rap and is terrible your a fucking idiot, just because u dont like wayne u think it will be fuckin cool to say he cant rap, he writes his on shit and was voted best lyracist and idc if i spelled that shit wrong. i would like to see u do 5% of what wayne has accomplished u dumbshit Man katelyn u a fuckin groupie like mostly every one else. eminem could smash lil wayne ani tyme. i m sad you re still on eminem being white. he has made it further than half the black rappers have and ever will. INCLUDING wayne. YOUU obviuosly haven t heard shit from eminem because his songs touch on TEN TIMES more then that. don t ever try to compare weezy to em there is no comparison and as soon as your boy wayne fights back. that will be obvious. fuk u nigger. nd ur president is def arab u dumb mother fucker. quite thinking every white person is out to get you damn man its so sad to read how ignorant people are how can you say all white people aren t out to get blacks when you stoop to the level of calling a black a nigger? And to the comment above yours that said cracker you are being ignorant too, this is the kind of behavior that keeps racism alive. Now I see why I m going to an ivy league school and why you are both stuck playing the race game with each other. Lil Wayne and Eminem are both good rappers and if they are trying to beef they are ignorant as well they should be working together to rid the world of rappers like soulja boy. tom your a fucking idiot u white trash rascist redneck talkin shit over a damn computer go say nigger to the first fuckin black dude u see and ur shit will be spilled quick. fucking dumbass just mad cause old bitchass pecker wood mccain aint win too bad obamas half the big red one movie half white stupid fuck not arab u fuckin queer bitch come on down to b town so we can spill ur shit faggot I m in no way, shape or form raciest, But we all see how well Obama s done as a president, He s a pussy, 8 Monthes in office and we get attacked, Fort Hood was a terrorist attack, Bush got attacked and recognized it as terrorism and it didnt happen again, Obama is scared wont call it what it is because he dont wanna look bad, That s some hoe ass shit, and for the Eminem Vs Wayne, Eminem Kills Wayne, Pay back muthafucka for the way you got at me, how does it taste? When I slap the taste outta your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place, Hannabil Lector, So just incase your thinkin of savin face, you aint gonna have no face to save by the time I m through with this place Josie who the fuck are you to call obama a fucking pussy, you best just keep your fucking bitch dick sucking mouth shut, you cunt bitch, how dare you call our president a pussy, and I m guessing because he is black, keep your fucking racist comments to your self the big red one movie fucking racist, and how the fuck did obama get into this, and you white people complain when we are racist, man you fucking redneck need to keep your mouth shut, and besides i could call bush a pussy for fucking up the country and giving that big bailout to aig, making it even harder for obama, so before you talk and sound like a fucking illiterate person, think about it you racist bitch. by the way josie, i did not mean all rednecks should shut up, just your bitch ass, disgrace to all the non-racist white people and by the way em kills little wayne, weezy good in his own right, but em is just You need to chill out man. You are extremely upset with her for insulting Obama because he is black. He is half black and half muslim by the way. You are doing the same thing to her in a much, much more insulting way.

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