2012 jay sean lyrics karaoke I

2012 jay sean lyrics karaoke

I m excited to see these films hit Blu-Ray and I understand they are rushing to take advantage of the film s summer release and tie in to the promotion. But for the love of the Profits, can t they do this RIGHT? Directors Editions, re-mastered at least to the point of color correction and image restoration, with some new special features. I m all for a redo on all of the special effects, to give these films which were all terrible under-budgeted when made a crack at the digital technology that is so readily available these days. The fact that Paramount didn t have the foresight to consider HD when they polished the directors cut of TMP is just par for the course because they see Star Trek as a franchise they can pour little money into and still get a hell of a lot out. Hopefully a strong response to the new film will change that attitude but I doubt it. Bottom Line FULL RE-MASTER FOR BLU-RAY or DON T BOTHER. I believe the Trilogy refers to STII TWOK, STIII TSFS STIV TVH Am I the only one really perterbed by all these damn releases? I love Trek, so much I bought each of the 4 seasons of ENT right when they came out. All 3 of TOS on thier first DVD outing read, not remastered. I had all 7 of the flix on VHS, upgraded them to DVD, had to replace them all after an unfortunate pawning necessity Got the first 6 box set and the last 4 individually. Then the Remastered TOS came out. Had to wait to save up for an all 3 season box. Plus single, unrelated DVDs and the cheaper of boxed sets of a few other shows not to mention the Trek fan collectives I barely get by enough as it is, let alone attempt to shell out 2 00 to 3 00 or more per TNG, DS9 VOY. Now, yay here they all come on BDs They re full of it and we re gullable. What? No trade-in discounts? Your old DVDs for brand-spanking-new BDs? Well, whatever Bless Ye who so possesses wealth in abundance enough to get every new hada-who when they become available. And Bless We that we may also be so fortunate. Agreed on the box box art; nice work. And a wholehearted agree on the 2012 jay sean lyrics karaoke of an HD workup of TMP. I really enjoy that movie, despite what many say it s an enjoyable film. And another agreement; ST II, III, and IV is a trilogy. TMP is a stand-alone almost a pilot for the film series, per se, V is kind of a misstep, and IV is a swan song. On a positive note, if the theatrical version of TMP is released on Blu-Ray I can finally, FINALLY ditch my laserdisc. If it s the theatrical editions of TMP, TWOK and TUC we can be assured that Paramount will double-dip on all of these. The demand will surely be there, especially for The Motion Picture where The Director s Edition is far superior to anything other version. I ll be skipping this release if it s only the theatrical TMP. As for the original versions of the the original series, if they do turn up on this set, then that is great news! I ll pick this set up in a heartbeat! I m glad that TOS will come out on both original and remastered versions. We definitely deserve to choose what version we get. I might go for the TOS blu-ray. As for the movies, I m a little disturbed that 2012 jay sean lyrics karaoke director cuts aren t going to be availiable via seamless branching.

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