This is it song backwards Way

This is it song backwards

Way better than XP or Vista, IMHO! The point is that it was purchased as they almost entirely are with an OS that I did not own! You see what you are paying for is a license to use it on one PC. You never own it ever, Microoft does! When was the last time you saw an ad for a new PC or laptop advertised as preinstalled with the latest linux system? You dont because they are all preinstalled with Vista now. Mr Common Sense, go suck a 3 your right lol but there is no need for that in the entertainment market today, for buisnesses etc. then thats good for the, Blu Ray and HD-DVD means nothing, DVD9 is in almost every house in the world and by the time it leaves Blu Ray will be just a fading smelly old fart, down loadable content etc will win the next generation from dvd9, not crappy Blu Ray or HD-DVD My HMDI 250 gig recordable DVD9 lets me record almost a whole days worth of tv for the massive price of 150, how much can your Blu Ray record?, and quality well my dedicated dvd9 HDMI player/recorder is proberly just as good as your noisy built around a PS3 system to. lol you say ps3 sales are almost zero, well last month im sure it said 2 million sold, hmmm this month its now saying 3 million wow i wonder what that means, does that mean they went up or down duh even if you say that isnt much sold well look at the xbox 360 worldwide ah wow still 10 million good god how long has it been at 10 million i think i even saw it go down to 7 million sold because of some thing microsoft did and said they sold 10 million just to get their 10 million deadline YOU DO RELIZE THIS NEWS IS JUST FROM A SITE CALLED BLU right, !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not Blu Ray and or anything like that so I wouldnt take to much notice of it. Na dann erzhl mal wo du deine verkaufszahlen her hast? drecks I dont care what any player that you have upscales its resolution to. It is only taking a 720×480 picture, running it through an algorithm, and trying to guess what it originally looked like. It will never be a truly HD source so stop saying that it will. On the other this is it song backwards BD starts HD and stays that way all the way to my HDTV. It is an apples to oranges comparison. its funny how you guys always bring up the queen. check the ratings of the bluray. even though i personnally would not watch it, it still scored a 4/ 5 stars our of now take a look at The The Jerk on HD DVD. Sobbing out loud HD-DVD AND BLURAY for that matter should never score 2 stars out of EVER. I dont know why I continue to refute your ignorant and factless claims. Maybe because you are so easy to prove wrong simply by stating one or two actual facts. The Matrix Series on HD-DVD is the definitive and ultimate film compilation for the ultimate hi-def format, plus will no doubt make the ultimate Fatherds Day gift for sci-fi film lovers. The Ultimate Matrix Collection will be available for 99 SRP and The Complete Matrix Trilogy available for 99 SRP. Order due date for all is April Blu-ray Disc this is it song backwards of both collections will be released later this year. Anything else you care to say? Mircrosoft really has no taste, I dont mean that in a small way. I meant that on a big way You self-important prick, even that old engadget article from 2005 proves your bull. The ongoing peace talks between the two camps, which have been on-again, off-again for months now, seem to have finally dissolved. Articles referring to this have lead me before to believe that Toshiba, TEC, etc. had interest in a single HD format. Of course I was wrong, neither side ever was. Sony wasnt happy getting a peice of the DVD pie, they had to have the whole pie. OOoooh, TEH 3VIL ONY!!!!! Sooo greeedy! Unlike your employers who respect consumers so much! Here, facts for you: SONY WOULD NEVER GET THE WHOLE PIE, YOU IGNORANT. According to CNET, that is. Note, the guy who wrote that article even has a pro-HD DVD bias. Link:?tagtb Toshiba leads the HD DVD consortium, which also includes consumer electronics manufacturers Sanyo and NEC. Entertainment companies on board are HBO, New Line Cinema, Paramount Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video. Blu-rays consumer electronics list is longer, with Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Pioneer and LG Electronics. PC makers that support it are Dell, HP and Apple Computer. Also on board are video game maker Electronic Arts and entertainment companies Twentieth Century Fox, Vivendi Universal and Walt Disney. Sounds to me like Toshiba is counting on getting more out of HD DVD than Sony out of Blu-Ray. The potential capacity of Blu-Ray discs is, in a word, staggering. A single-layer disc can hold between 23 and 27 gigabytes of data, enough for four hours of high-definition video; a dual-layer disc can hold between 46 and 54GB, easily enough for eight full hours of high-definition programming. Furthermore, since the layers on a Blu-Ray disc are so thin, there is potential for multi-layer discs with up to eight layers holding upwards of 200GB.

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