The ron clark story part 2 Thanks Adub

The ron clark story part 2

Thanks Adub. /That offer for the beers still stands. 2:15pm thur. Hello, Am I asking too many?s?? I m just trying to be sociable, not just an igmatic person sitting in front of his monitor. I d like to share that I-Man2-came out really well. Thanks 4 all your help. It was very early this morning so I didn t want to lose any more sleep. Yet, I can t seem to control that program. It s got me baffled. Please, anyone, I have mite-hockey games other separate video in the DVD VOB? mode of files How can I put them on 1 BD-E 25 having a separate Icon, or whatever, for each differant game, movie etc. ??? It looks like your drive will not let you burn slower than 4x. That is not IMGBurn s fault, it s the drive s. And did you read my previous comment? I said I would try and make one this weekend if you really wanted it. Since you asked yet again, I assume you really want it then. Adub, Please forgive me. I did not see where u said you d get to it this weekend. I only saw this: Yes, it is possible to combine several movies onto one Bluray. BD Rebuilder cannot do it, but multiAVCHD can. I have written several tutorials on its use not on this particular topic, but similar ones so you can read around here to get yourself oriented. Several the ron clark story part 2 have done this very thing with the Planet Earth BBC series actually. Adub, I in no the ron clark story part 2 wanna become a PITA or piss u or anyone else for that matter. I guess i left most if not all of my patience, amoung other things, in a rice paddy back in I would never have asked u if I had seen your entry. i simply would have politely asked you like my Italian Mom taught me I m Old school this way. When i read your reply yesterday, I went str8 to the multiAVCHD I m sure my eyes gave out as I didn t find anything. I also don t think this site sends an e-mail to me when there is an answer/responce-so I m leaving you my e to make it easy for me to know I ve got mail that will instruct me. U C, when I m rendering, I disconnect from the net. Earlier today I copied 5 Video only parts of DVD movies from my HD-renamed each part the name of the movie let my puppy take me for a walk for an hour. Chasing 3000; BOLT; etc. When i returned home, I took the BD-R out walked over to my BD player the ron clark story part 2 got 5 pics of yellow envelopes each 1 w/a movie title. I clicked on each and I got NOTHING but an arrow poiting up to a higher dir. I thought NERO 8 in the BD UDF-250 MODE would have been kinder to me. Hey, ya win That s why we play 9 innings; 60min. Still doesn t mean I m happy about it. Lol, Shoulda used my DVD-RW 2Is there a way to stop that nag in ANYDVD that will not expose me? Please believe me when i type, I appreciate your time, especially your genius in explainning and Dean s w/hie authoring.

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