The great debaters part 1 with subtitles

The great debaters part 1 with subtitles

One day, the boy encounters a fairy who gives him a book which promises to lead him to the mysterious world of Ni no Kuni, a reality parallel to his own. There he encounters alternate versions of people he knows for example his neighbors cat is a king there and attempts to save his mother. The door to Ni no Kuni opens in 200 11th of October, STUDIO GHIBLI S NEW FILM TEIKA TO CHOMEI: Last week the opening of a special Hotta Yoshie Exhibition subtitled The Troublous Times Depicted by Ghibli took place at Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature in Yokohama. The exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of Hotta s death and, as Miyazaki Hayao and Suzuki Toshio have respected Hotta and had a relationship with him, Studio Ghibli has joined the exhibition. Based on Hottas works the studio showcases about 400 image boards of Teika to Chomei , Teika and Chomei, the Studio Ghibli film by Miyazaki Goro that eventually did NOT get realized. Not coincidentally, this week s episode of Suzuki Toshio s radio talk show Ghibli Asemamire at Tokyo FM also dedicated its air time to the exhibition. Its special guest was Hotta Yuriko, Hotta Yoshie s daughter. Looking back at past times Suzuki told, When Miyazaki was making Tenk no Shiro Rapyuta , Laputa: Castle in the Sky back in 1985, I was the chief editor of Animage and editing a guide book about it. I wanted to encourage Miyazaki and asked Hotta to contribute an article to the book, because I knew Miyazaki was a big fan of Hotta. Hotta did not only write literary novels, but had also written the scenario of TOHO movies like MOSURA. To let Hotta know about Miyazaki, Suzuki once visited his house with a video player and showed Nausicaa to him. Both Suzuki and Yuriko can t quite remember if they met each other at the house though. Coincidentally Suzuki and Yuriko attended Keio University at the same time around 19 Suzuki joined the student union and an anti-American-imperialism movement. Yuriko did not join any of those, but experienced more serious facts at home. Hotta Yoshie supported such movements and hid persons who evaded from the police net at his house. For example, Yamamoto Yoshitaka, who was the chairman of Tokyo University struggle committee, and US Army deserters who refused to fight in the Vietnam war note: during the Vietnam war Japan was a logistic base for the US. Episodes like these show Hotta really had a backbone and was a brave man when he was still alive. Concerning the exhibition, today October 11 Miyazaki Hayao will be giving a special lecture on Hotta. As Hotta was quite an influence to Miyazaki, this was not fully unexpected. Hotta was like a rock towering in the ocean for me. When I was drifted by tide and lost my location, I was saved by him many times. Suzuki titled the lecture Houjoki-shiki and me . This was however without Miyazakis permission, making Miyazaki worry about what to talk about. The lecture is not Ghibli s main part of the exhibit. Studio Ghibli made it up as a theme Making a try to the Filmization of Hottas Work directed by Miyazaki Goro. Suzuki was considering about Studio Ghibli s next movie and decided Goro to be its director. Asking him what he wanted, Goro replied that he wanted to make a story of Teika to Chomei , Teika and Chomei that was inspired from Hottas books. Goro has read Hotta s works since he was a university student in effecting by his father. Having read them again after he was offered this exhibition a the great debaters part 1 with subtitles ago, his film plan became How would it become if Hottas work is animated?. However, Suzuki the great debaters part 1 with subtitles rejected it to be made into a movie, Crazy!. Note: Teika, a noble and a poet, and Chomei, a monk and an essayist, are not even that well known in Japan. Only intellectuals would be interested in them. Hence there would be no capability of making Goro s film plan into a box office hit. When Suzuki told Miyazaki Hayao about the kind of movie Goro was planning, he was much surprised and said, No joking!!. Actually, Miyazaki also has had a big interest in Houjoki Shiki and tried to make a conception of it in the past, but later gave up on it. He the great debaters part 1 with subtitles really surprised to hear his son had the same plan. Still, Suzuki allowed Goro to study it and the result is currently being showed at the exhibition. Goro selected three of Hottas works: Houjouki Shiki, Teika Meigetsuki Shisyou and Rojo no Hito. On the first two, he focuses on Fujiwara Teika and Kamono Chomei during the time that they were young and werent famous yet. What did they see and feel to see turbulent times and disasters? Mixing fiction, he made a story and painted sketches and image boards.

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