Trail of blood carnage Hype

Trail of blood carnage

Hype isnt always good though as samples can deceive. Some has said it reminds you a bit of Alexandre Desplats The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and after listening to the trail of blood carnage theme presented in Did I Miss It? I can see that. However I think the main theme in Water for Elephants is much more beautiful. I think I am in love with it actually. Cant stop humming it, whistling it, get it out of my head. Its like rain falling down of a tree the way it is made. Its very minimalistic and subtle but it feels magic and gorgeous. This score is divided into two parts or maybe even three. Theres the main theme and its cues like Did I Miss It? or Circus Fantasy. Then theres the music of that time period like the cues Im Confessin That I Love You and Barabras Tent. Finally theres ambient tracks like Jacob Returns and I Can See Straight Through You that doesnt seem to go anywhere. Its no surprise that I love the main theme and the cues that actually goes with it and excites me. The Circus Sets Up is a great cue that sets itself apart by using a guitar and trail of blood carnage feels a bit more hectic than the rest. The best cue for me is Circus Fantasy that has such an uplifting old fashioned feeling about it and its oh so beautiful. The main theme of course gets an airing and it has a small buildup as well. Great stuff from James. While I appreciate the 20s/30s period music in the film, the effort is lost on me due to my personal taste. I am not a big fan of the era, but I dont hate it either. As for the generic, almost ambient tracks like Jacob Returns I feel it could have been expanded into something better. The main theme is absolutely infectious and gorgeous. It will stay with me for a very long time. The buildup of that theme is fantastic and I applaud James for such an effort. I dont like the 20s/30s period music, nor the ambient stuff, so its a score with many positives and negatives. Overall, the fantastic main theme and the many cues utilizing it that seals it for me. It could have been a lot better, but for now I enjoy the music and await James next projects.

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