Cuz of u A battle is a great

Cuz of u

A battle is a great way for up and coming rappers to get noticed Eminem, for example, took second place at the Freestyle Olympics, an effort that got him picked up by Dr. So what makes for successful freestyle rap battles? There are a number of contributing factors: the specificity of the punchlines the more specific the better, the delivery clean and well enunciated and the flow unique style, or just hurling insults? are all imporant considerations for a battle rapper. Lets look at each in more detail: Unique punchlines. Evidently, weve all heard a million Yo Mama jokes, and while some are really funny You mama so fat she bleeds gravy theyre also very generic. After all, everyone has a mother. While you can certainly win applying popular punchlines such as fat jokes or skinny jokes, the more special the better. If you can reference the words on your opponents shirt, all the better for you. Delivery. Freestyle battles are a lot of showmanship, and the MCs demand to carry their lines cleanly. Ive seen rappers make great hand clapping from a crowd not because the punchline was that special, but because they stated it like they implied it! Conversely, a deadly punchline is worthless if youre extending the mic with your hand. Focus on delivery. Dont confuse flow with delivery, which is the more technical side. Whereas delivery is about articulating your words, flow is how you put words together. Mostly, in freestyle battles, the most deadly form of flow is the use of multiple internal rhymes that comprise of a set up and a punchline. However, some rappers fall into the habit of applying the same tired format, and can be beaten by somebody on style points. The important thing to recognise is that freestyle battles are seldom won on one aspect only. its ordinarily a compounding of the three that leads to triumph, which is why you need to work on your words, your delivery and your flow to stay at the top of your game. See Jump off TV freestyle rap conflicts and make notes on what works, and try to incorporate that into your private style. HTML Ready Article. Click on the Copy button to copy into your clipboard. General Off Topic All general discussion goes here, forum rules apply but more chit-chat is allowed here. This is for submissions and judging only. All other posts should be put in the other thread. Bragas and Xang are up first and have till 12 PM EST Wednesday to submit their raps. Good luck everyone! This is for submissions and judging only! Im in the 550 ballin, you know No introduction necessary, yall know this issss. Purposely darker-Light skinned?-Lightsaber! Dark side rules-Darth Vader. High probability that this win is in my favor. First on the track, chicks braver! Aint got balls, but I got flavor. Xang aint got chicks, he got screensavers. Yall flood to my rhymes while Im taking cat naps! Xang aint worth the roses or violets. m supposed to rhyme with. He aint spitting rhymes-He just slobbering. He aint spitting rhymes-He just silent.

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