Ciao bella remix This is an epidemic

Ciao bella remix

This is an epidemic. Im 3 for 3 on having the little crack on Netflix discs! Ive had my new Bluray player since Christmas and am yet to actually play a Bluray movie. Update from just above. Im now 4 for Called Netflix to alert them of the issue and went ahead and canceled my bluray addon plan. I am glad I found this blog too. I thought my new Samsung Bluray BR player was cracking the BR disks or the mailman was being mean to me. I ciao bella remix received 3 cracked BRs out of Netflix Customer Service confirmed what has been said on here about BR disks being less flexible than DVDs and the USPS 8217; mail sorter was probably cracking the BRs. Thus, he said I could file a complaint with the USPS in hopes of the USPS not using the sorter ciao bella remix Netflix movies. When I asked him if Netflix was going to implement a solution to prevent the cracks, he did not say no. Yet, he did say that Netflix had compared the cost of buying replacement BRs as opposed to improving the shipping material. The result of that comparison is that it is more cost effective for Netflix to replace the cracked BRs. However, I wonder how much money Netflix stands to lose from unsatisfied customers cancelling their accounts. In closing, besides his suggestion for me to complain to the USPS, he suggested I go back to watching DVDs. Since this is a known issue with no solution insight, I guess I will return my BR player, cancel my Netflix subscription, and hope a solution will be found by 20 Ahh! Right there with everybody on this. So far 3 for 4 on cracked BRs from Netflix. Ive been sending back the same movie for a whole month now. I thought they just kept sending me the same cracked disk back. Ugh! Might have to cancel the BRs from Netflix too. How does the Blockbuster service compare? I gave up on the Blu-rays with Netflix. Im only doing DVDs until they fix this. I suggested that they do like Gamefly and have a cardboard insert to protect the Blu-ray. Took my blu-ray player back, 4 out 5 cracked. Spoke to Netflix tonight with 3 of 3 BRs from Netflix not playing. Netflix rep state they are aware of the problem and that it appears to be regional. The return discs are to be hand sorted at the Post Office but when the big roller machine sorts the discs it damages the BRs and not the plain DVDs. I stopped our BR service and told them Id watch the blogs to see when they correct the problem and then maybe try again. At first I thought it was my new player by I went to Best Buy and asked them to play on their machine and the BRs wouldnt even load. Netflix has a Big BR problem. I started using Blurays from Netflix in January. I started having trouble immediately. Ive called them several times to report problems and each and everytime theyve been very helpful sending me extra discs and giving me various credits bonus discs, free months. But after over a month and half talking to them and the post office trying to resolve this problem Ive thrown in the towel when today 2 out of 3 discs where again broken in this very same way. Its absolutely silly that they cant get this problem solved. I will give Netflix credit for being more then helpful as far as making it right. Ive gotten probably a half a dozen or more bonus rentals and 2 free months because of all my trouble. But given that even the bonus discs are broken its not much use at this point. I really advise folks to call Netflix when they have several broken blurays, its VERY quick hold times are nearly zero and 9 times out of 10 the nice folks on the phone will throw you a ciao bella remix disc or if youve been having lots of trouble a free month which does take the sting out of things a bit. Bluray with Netflix is an absolute disaster though right now. Ive had the same problem.

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